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Advanced food processing technology

Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH is able to supply a complete range of vacuum tumblers with a capacity from 25 to 7500 litres, due to our long history of production in this field. Within our expansive range of equipment, we can offer the ideal unit for butcher, shops or restaurants and hotels, as well as units for medium and large industrial processors. Further technological alternatives available to our customers are our vacuum pressure- and cooling tumblers, which work either together as a double-jacket version with glycol or as units, injecting liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This procedure guarantees an optimal protein extraction.


  • Advanced meat processing machine in rugged stainless steel construction for industrial meat processing plants and other large-scale operations
  • Ideal for the massaging of cooked cured products, salt impregnation and braising and in-depth salting of dry cured products; dry salting, seasoning and marinating, game and goulash; mixing of salads dressings and sauces; tenderising of fresh meats; salting, seasoning and processing of fish and seafood products
  • Horizontally rotating drum with 3-point support on solid frame



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