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Being a qualified business partner for food processing companies,...

... Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH offers a wide range of top-quality vacuum tumblers and injectors in countries all over the world. Brine preparing systems, salting-, marinating- and mixing machinery, stuffing and clipping equipment as well as ham moulds and mouldlid presses complete the assortment. The application of our machines is not only meant for salted meat processing, but as well for the treatment of poultry-, fish- and seafood specialities. In addition to these possibilities there are many companies of the nut-, chocolate- and petfood industry who are using successfully our products.
Due to the Common Market the German company DORIT was founded in 2001. A new company - the DFT Deutsche Fleisch Technik GmbH - was set up by Maria and Anton Schmid in 2006. In August 2009, these two companies joined to the Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH. The head office with administration, installation hall and technology centre is located in the industrial area of Ellwangen.

Our service

It is our strong point to serve and advise our clients very quickly. Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH is acting as a Planning and Consulting Company as well, various projects being planned and carried out. A further service for food processing companies is providing them with all the equipment regarding hygiene.
Developping constantly new and creative solutions by our technicians and experts, who are working closely together with designers and engineers as well as with distributors or endusers, our machines guarantee the latest standard of the meat processing technology. Our Vacuum Cooling Tumbler VV-2-300-K with integrated cooling system may use as an example as well as the Vacuum Cooling Tumblers VV-1000-K and VV-1500-K with tilting device and the complete range of our Injectors. Further innovations are continuously developed and tested. An inherent part of our service is the demonstration of our machines in operation and tests with products according to our customers‘ demands.




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