Being a qualified business partner for food processing companies, Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH offers a wide range of top-quality vacuum tumblers and injectors in countries all over the world. Brine preparing systems, salting-, marinating- and mixing machinery, stuffing and clipping equipment as well as ham moulds and mouldlid presses complete the assortment. The application of our machines is not only meant for salted meat processing, but as well for the treatment of poultry-, fish- and seafood specialities. In addition to these possibilities there are many companies of the nut-, chocolate- and petfood industry who are using successfully our products.

Dorit Injectors

Brine Injectors
  • Typical for all injectors of Dorit-DFT
    Fleischereimaschinen GmbH is an even
    brine distribution due to an ideal needle
  • Appropriate injection- and brine filtering
    systems ensure the possibility of the
    injection from all kinds of brine with
    different viscosities
  • Further strong points of our injectors:
    userfriendly in operation, maintenance
    and cleaning
Dorit Vacuum Tumblers/Mixing and Marinating Machinery

Vacuum Tumblers/Mixing & Marinating Machinery
  • Based on long lasting experience Dorit-DFT
    Fleischereimaschinen GmbH is able to
    supply a complete assortment of
    Vacuum Tumblers with drum volumes
    of 25-7500 liter
  • The large range of our machines contains
    the ideal unit for butcher shops or
    restaurants and hotels as well as for
    medium and large industrial processors
  • Technological alternatives are given by
    our vacuum cooling tumblers and our
    mixing and marinating machinery
Dorit Ham presses

Ham presses

  • Our presses enable three-dimensional
    pressing of various products at 8 bar
    working pressure and can be combined in
    an excellent way with our Injectors and
    Vacuum Tumblers. Moulding and netting
    components (available in various
    diameters) can be replaced in seconds
    without tools


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