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Meat Processing Equipment - Pickle Injector - Vacuum Tumbler - Ham Presses

This chapter will give you a short overview about the field of activity of the DFT Deutsche Fleisch Technik GmbH.

Meat Processing Equipment

As you can see on our name, we are engaged in the business of meat processing and food technology. Our company belongs to the DORIT/DFT meat processing group. Since more than 40 years we've got expert knowledge in salting equipment, fish injectors, mixing and marinating equipment, butcher's equipment and further equipment for poultry. We can provide pickle injectors for meat and fish. Products of fish and poultry can easily be processed by using our great range of pickle injectors, vacuum tumblers and ham presses.

Pickle injector

Please benefit from the long experience of the meat processing group DORIT/DFT regarding vacuum tumblers, injectors, pickle injectors as well as ham presses and net shirring devices. It doesn't matter whether you deal with products of fish or poultry or with cured meat and fish: we've got the ideal equipment for processing meat, fish and poultry. Highest requirements of food processing technology are perfectly combined with best quality of meat processing in our meat processing equipment which includes mixing, salting and marinating machinery as well as injectors and vacuum tumblers.

Brine preparing machines, injectors

The meat processing group DORIT/DFT is a worldwide acting company and is setting a high value on innovations. For these reasons there is no doubt that DORIT/DFT is able to meet the growing demands of the food processing technology most effectively due to the fact that DORIT/DFT is supplying brine preparing machines as well as brine filters and a great range of different pickle injectors.

Vacuum Tumbler

Not only meat processing companies are accustomed to DORIT/DFT vacuum tumblers. There are as well many customers in the nut-, chocolate- and pet food industry, who are currently using our tumblers, mixing and marinating machinery. We are proud of the innovative quality of DORIT/DFT products as well as of our flexibility, reliability and service. Salting machinery, fish and meat injectors, mixing and marinating machinery, cooling tumblers and meat processing equipment of all kind are adapted to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers.

Ham presses

We've got a lot of information on our website (meat processing, injectors, food processing industry, cured fish, cured meat, pickle injectors, brine preparing machinery, vacuum tumblers, cooling tumblers, ham presses). Please have a look and get more detailed information regarding our products for poultry and fish processing, salting, mixing and marinating machinery, injectors, ham presses, tumblers and a various kind of different meat processing equipment. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our company DORIT/DFT regarding vacuum tumbler, ham presses, injectors for fish and meat or other equipment for products of poultry. Our professional team of the meat processing group DORIT/DFT will be at your disposal for detailed information regarding salting machinery, meat processing equipment, mixing and marinating machinery as well as tumblers and injectors. The DFT Deutsche Fleisch Technik GmbH is your reliable contact for injectors and vacuum tumblers and for all kind of different equipment in meat, fish and poultry processing machinery as well as food processing industry. You may rely on our best efforts!




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